5-minute videos applying 5-D Value

This page introduces the following videos:
– General introduction to 5-D Value

– Ikea building strength in the four conventional D’s in its supply chain between 1950 and 2010
– Ikea adding elements of Deep-Connect to the supply chain after 2010

– Microsoft managing relations to business customers and business partners in the four conventional D’s, where its business partners also offer 4-D value to the business customers
– Apple transforming itself to add a fourth strong conventional D in 2016

– Google offering primary value in four dimensions to personnel and primary value to other counterparties in the dimension addressing their core demand

Introduction to 5-D Value on YouTube Channel

A general introduction to 5-D Value and all the videos are available on the YouTube channel: Five Dimensions of Value 

Building Dimensions of Value in Ikea’s Supply Chain

In the first of two videos about the five dimensions of value at IKEA,the company builds strong value in the conventional four dimensions in its supply chain during 1950 –2010.

In the second of the two videos, starting in 2010 IKEA introduces significant elements of Deep-Connect value into its supply chain.

Microsoft Manages Value in Four Dimensions with Businesses

Microsoft entrenches itself in the business world by serving its business customers and business partners with strong value in the four conventional dimensions of value. The video highlights Microsoft’s management strength in serving business partners in such a way that they can serve the business customers also in the four dimensions. Microsoft is thereby doubly entrenched in business.

Microsoft’s distributors offer value in four dimensions to business customers as follows:

  • The distributors demonstrate that Microsoft is the leading software in the market due to its overall functional excellence. This is Degree value: businesses using Microsoft raise their functional status in the business world by using the leading brand. 
  • The distributors install exactly the appropriate software, roll-out IT-supported processes and customize such solutions to individual needs. This is Deed value: adjusting solutions to the specific customer circumstances.
  • Distributors maintain the software, install updates, fix bugs and train the appropriate personnel. This is Dexterity value: the all-rounder benefits of market standards in operational software are met.
  • Finally, distributors collaborate with customers to develop long term plans for their IT landscape and thereby boost organizational development. This is Delight value: the customer’s vision for developing its business is fulfilled.

Microsoft offers value in four dimensions to its distributors as follows:

  • Distributors gain Degree status from Microsoft by working their way up four levels in the terms and conditions.
  • Deed value is offered to distributors via personalized technical assistance and access to the blogs and forums regarding implementation issues to support them in adjusting solutions to customer circumstances.
  • Dexterity value is given to distributors in the form of standardized training, support and knowledge sharing.
  • Microsoft offers Delight value to distributors by providing management tools for them to develop their own businesses so that they can do the same for business customers.

Apple Transforms itself by adding a Fourth Strong Dimension of Value

In another video, Apple transforms itself between 2014 and 2016 by adding a fourth strong conventional dimension of value.

Google Channels its Primary Value Offers in Unique Manner

In a further video it is shown that Google offers primary value to its personnel in all four conventional dimensions of value. Furthermore, Google offers primary value to other counterparties in the one dimension which addresses their core demand.