Articles applying 5-D Value

A number of articles have appeared on news websites in which the principles and thinking behind 5-D Value, in particular the nature of value in the Dimension Deep-Connect, are applied. Specific reference to the management framework 5-D Value and the value dimensions Degree etc. is however not drawn in the articles.

Article: In-store mobile services bring home sustainable value and boost customer loyalty

Mobile services can combine the best of the online and offline customer experiences

Amazon and Macy’s in the USA as well as Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s in the UK have introduced an app for checkout-free payment in stores. In-store mobile services can link the customer’s shopping basket to a range of information for each item including sustainability and more healthy alternatives, which is pertinent for customers because the products are on their minds exactly at this time. This information also serves to promote the retailer’s overall value proposition and binds the customer to the retailer.

Article: Sustainable value built into every transaction so that customers can build the sustainable business world they favour

Retailers always have sold consumers on the benefits of their products. Today, they must also explain how a retailer’s products can help save the planet and improve the living and working conditions of people. Here are examples of retailers doing it well and 5 suggestions of how each retailer can improve the sustainable value it offers.

Article: Online Fashion Retailers Build Communities For Sustainable Success

Online retail is constantly accused of destroying downtown communities due to running stores out of business. In fact, e-commerce builds communities in a viable manner, suitable to the modern world, by making them sustainable. Online retailers can secure a successful future by becoming the nerve center of virtual communities united in sustainable value creation.

Article: It’s time fashion retailers made the most of second-hand clothing

First-mover advantages for fashion retailers in second-hand clothing: As part of the turn towards sustainable shopping, consumers are increasingly buying and selling preworn clothes. Fashion retailers entering this trending business area can treat the source of the second-hand clothes, the consumer-seller, as a kind of business partner, with mutual benefits in buying and selling. The retailer fashioning the best relationship with such hybrid partners can deepen the tie with more customers, thereby raising engagement and market share.

Article: Online Shops Enable a Fuller Picture of the Product

Conventional wisdom says the customer gains a more meaningful impression of products in a physical shop rather than online. However, the internet offers great potential for wide-ranging information from different stakeholders, smartly packaged by the digital retailer using multimedia, drill-down and linked information. An online shop can communicate a fuller picture of the benefits for customers and satisfy their growing interest to understand the impacts of the product on business, society and the environment.