Consulting Services

Benjamin Wall is the owner-manager of DIMENSIONS, which applies 5-D Value in five services:

1. A company’s external success comes typically from two dimensions of value in which it offers strong benefits and the rivals do not. DIMENSIONS identifies these value dimensions at the company and formulates key messages to four stakeholder groups to sharply differentiate the company’s market profile:
– Customers in sales markets
– Personnel in the labor market
– Business partners in markets for supplies and distribution
– Investors in the capital market.
This service highlights strengths in the market profile to make “good” even better, thereby exploiting the existing potential in the company more thoroughly.

2. The benefits to stakeholders from the company’s strong value offers become even more convincing when the operations are managed to meet the internal success factors. DIMENSIONS aligns up to 28 operational parameters to establish the managerial practice best suited to generate stronger value. This service strengthens strengths in the operations to align them, again making “good” even better by exploiting the existing potential in the company more thoroughly. 

3. When a company “loses” one strong dimension of value it falls into a crisis. DIMENSIONS re-introduces the lost dimension of value to revitalize the company. This service neutralizes the weaknesses in the organization and makes it robust. 

4. Companies can outdo the competition by becoming one of the few offering strong value in more than two dimensions. DIMENSIONS identifies the company’s most promising third dimension for strong value and oversees its integration into the operations and market profile. This service adds strength in an additional dimension of value to make “very good” even better, thereby developing new potential by transforming the organization. 

5. DIMENSIONS introduces companies into new paradigms, e.g.
a) Complex Value Configuration: Strong value is offered to different stakeholders in the dimension they value the highest; or
b) New Value Paradigm: Following e.g. Tesla, BMW, IKEA and Patagonia, companies give meaning to the lives of stakeholders by generating strong value in multiple contexts/communities and the natural environment. Companies who are first movers in this emerging paradigm will makeover business and transform society. The company joins a new business paradigm based on the emerging dimension of value to make “very good” even better, thereby developing new potential and gaining a material and immaterial “Return on Paradigm”.