Basics of Deep-Connect

What is Deep-Connect value?

Deep-Connect is a new and emerging dimension of value which represents a new paradigm in business, in which value is generated in multiple contexts. The multiple contexts include the natural environment and communities in which persons related to a company – customers, employees, business partners – are integrated. Companies practicing Deep-Connect value can save the environment and not ruin it.

In Deep-Connect, the relation to the company as customer, employee, business partner or investor integrates the essence of the person who is related to the company with the essence of multiple contexts to give meaning to the life of the person. For example, a regular attendee of yoga classes (a consumer to the company) gains value in the context of improving personal bodily fitness, meeting with friends, gaining a new perspective on inner thoughts, feeling re-vitalized for work, and being part of the global community of yoga practitioners. More abstractly, the multiple contexts within which Deep-Connect value is generated include the design, production, marketing and consumption of the products and services, the societal setting of the persons involved, the business setting of the economy, and the environmental setting of humankind. For example, Stella McCartney fashion and accessories connect up many facets of the complex modern woman in private and professional life, while the business runs on rigorous principles relating to ethics, social responsibility and the environment; unusual in the fashion world today.